December 1, 2012

The most common defense for the fake nerd girl meme is that it’s for all the women who pose as gamers for attention or to mislead men into being interested in them.

Two things.

First, let’s put this in perspective if we want to talk about the overall sexist nature of some (not all, but some) geek/nerd circles. 

What is more wrong? What is more important in the gist of things? The fact that a girl may expose herself as not being as knowledgeable about something and just wanted people to notice her, or an environment that has their guns cocked and ready to blast someone with the slightest mistake? Yeah, some girls may be wrong about things and look like they want attention, but is that really as important and morally constructive as building an environment that’s welcoming to people who may even show the slightest interest?

The second thing is, why isn’t there a fake nerd meme for guys? No, here’s a better question: why aren’t guys bombarded with the same insults when he’s wrong about something? Not once in my life have a seen a nerdy guy be seen as a major dumbass or attention seeker because he was wrong about something geek-related; don’t you even dare say it’s because guys are infinitely more knowledgeable  It’s not beyond a man to be as horribly wrong as a woman. So, why is this only an issue targeted at women?

Because our circles and overall culture are still focused on the males and what upsets us in particular.

  1. thesleeperawakes said: Nerds have been ridiculed for years and now all of a sudden it’s cool. The same thing happened to the black/hip-hop community in the 90’s and early 2000’s. They were mad too. It’s not only girls. Yah, there’s a fake nerd girl meme. Get over it
  2. carlitoxbrigante said: That wonderful double standard. If someone wants to fake the funk, more power to ‘em. As much as I like comic book superheroes, I could possibly be thrown in the category for liking them, but not reading them as much as the next guy.
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